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#12   meganeMailHomepage16.05.2017 - 00:19
Searching for Keith Richards, born 1942, child of Alice or Ellen Toogood and Matthew Henry Richards. Possibly came to Aust in the 50s as a child migrant.

#11   Michael CunninghameMail27.09.2016 - 05:27
1953 came to Australia. Any info or photos please.

#10   AnonymHomepage21.08.2014 - 22:02
Trying to contact a woman of fifty-one who said her name was, 'Flossy,' from Plympton, in Devon originally. She was desperate to get back to the United Kingdom, and had been missing home since she'd been sent out to Australia in 1967. I have addresses of the Child Migrants Trust whom she can contact in both Nottingham, United Kingdom and Australia.

Yours sincerely

Jane Cole

#9   Jean LettoneMailHomepage05.03.2013 - 07:05
Looking for Rex Ferst dob 21.3.1939 born Hammershmith London Mother Freda Ferst.
Was he a child migrant does anyone have any information please.

#8   raymond spenceeMailHomepage24.03.2012 - 22:44
I was a BBM youth that was brought to Sydney in 1968 (aged 20) under the £10 migration scheme. On arrival I was put into a home with 150 other youths/youngmen near the airport. We were told that we had to find a job within 7 days, I found a job at Grace Bros, however the BBM told me that I had to pay them for my board and lodging whilst at the home. My first three weeks wages was handed over, then I found a flat in Nth Sydney with four other youths. I never forgot that time as although 20 I felt very lost. After 4 years in Australia I had to return to England due to family health and I haven`

#7   Donald FieldeMailHomepage05.02.2012 - 05:48
I was a child migrant from England arriving Melbourne 0n the 6 January 1939, Bound for the Northcote Children's Farm School Glenmore Bachus Marsh Victoria. Not a good experience for me.

#6   Maureen MacDonaldeMailHomepage15.04.2011 - 09:25
My Father was sent from England to Fairbridge Farm in Pinjarra WA in 1922 on the Steam Ship "Euripides" with 98 other children ~ In England before he left, they accidently gave him the similar name and date of birth of another child that wasn't sent to Australia ~ His war records show his name and date of birth and year of birth wrong ~ This error wasn't realised until he married in 1945 ~ and he obtained his correct details ~ found himself two year's younger than he thought he was. So that was good news for him, I remember him saying. Alfred W McDowell (Jim) of Orange Grove WA married Rena Mary Dunbar of Mt Lawley ~ Dad 1913-2005. Both parent's lived at Amaroo Retirement Home in Gosnells in WA ~ Beautiful Home ~ My Mum 1923-2009 ~ Daughter Maureen

#5   AnonymHomepage20.10.2010 - 05:25
I have been listening to the reports on television and i have been listening really well.

#4   AnonymHomepage20.10.2010 - 05:25

#3   nonieMailHomepage11.06.2010 - 06:06
five of my female relatives grew up in king edward home darby street new castle australia in the 1925 / 1935 s one of the women was my grandmother her baby was adopted I HAVE A NEED TO KNOW WHO I AM AND WHO MY FAMILY ARE AND WHERE IVE COME FROM AND WHAT RACE AND RELIGION I AM ? WHO AM I ? PLEASE ASSIST ME IN ATTAINING FAMILY PHOTOS AND IDENITY RESTORATION ! THANKYOU

#2   A Child MigranteMailHomepage10.01.2010 - 17:01
PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAUSE to be able to lobby the Govenment

#1   AnonymHomepage10.01.2010 - 16:57
Check out this Cause

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